Pubg Mobile season 6 - Releasing at 7AM on 21March

PUBG MOBILE Season 6: Launching at 7AM on 21 March, New weapons, Vehicles, Outifits and More-

Well, there is no  doubt that PUBG Mobile fully dominated the Android play section. PUBG Mobile is  currently the highest grossed game on the Google Play Store, and it’s accessible without any cost. For those that don’t understand, PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game in which you  spawn with ninety nine alternative players on battle island.
Pubg season 6 in free Abhishek jaiswal founder of reviewfame
Pubg Season 6
The ultimate goal of the player during this game is to survive till the terribly finish whereas killing everybody on the way. The GAME is high on visuals, and right now players are playing and enjoying Zombie mode. With the exception of that, users also are enjoying the fifth season of the Game that started on Gregorian calendar month twenty one which is going to end on 19 march 2019.
Pubg Mobile season 6 Abhishek jaiswal founder of reviewfame
Pubg Mobile Season 6

Pubg Mobile Prime Membership at 0.99$

Well, the approaching update to the PUBG Mobile can introduce PUBG Mobile Prime Membership system. For people who don’t understand, the Prime Membership would value users $0.99 per month and can permit users to convert BP to UC. However, the conversion are restricted. except that, Prime Membership also will open the door to daily rewards like ID name modification, UC to work into the game, etc.

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Few widespread YouTubers even told that approaching membership set up is already available in the KRJP server, however it absolutely was implemented during a ‘different way’. apart from that, the approaching update will introduce some a lot of options and changes. Let’s check up on the upcoming options of PUBG Mobile.

New Implementation in Update

New Weapons are added to Erangel Map like G36C rifle which is already seen on Vikendi Map.

The new update will have some fixed areas where Zombies are not allowed to enter during the dawn.

Zombies are about to become more aggressive even on daytime.

The Dynamic weather has been added to Erangel and Miramar

New vehicles have also been added to Shanhok known as Tukshai.

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